Managing COVID-19 Notices & Support Requests for FlexSite

In light of recent events, the Avelient support team has seen an unusually high number of requests. We are working hard to provide everyone with a timely response.

Given that the majority of current requests are related to COVID-19 announcements, we wanted to provide a quick FAQ to help you understand what we can do for you and what we need from you in order to expedite our response.

Can a COVID-19 announcement be added to my site?

Yes! We have built a best-practices method for messaging that will immediately bring attention to your COVID-19 message

Can I customize the look of the message?

No. In order to keep up with the volume of tickets we are receiving, we are keeping our design options simple so that we can focus on the message you want patients to see.

What do I need to send Avelient to display the banner on my site?

First, select an option below for the type of message you wish to display (please be sure to proofread - we will copy what you send us verbatim).

Short Message:
Send us a short message (300 characters or less) with the information you’d like to display for your patients. This can be added with a simple site banner as shown here.

Long Message:
If you have a more detailed message, or your situation changes frequently, we will add a short banner to your website and we’ll add the bulk of your messaging to a new, date-stamped blog post. You can see an example here.

If you have longer messaging as described above, please provide us:

  • Any detailed announcements, documents, links, etc. that you want to share.
  • A short message of up to 300 characters to add to the banner.

Once you have gathered the information, send an email to with your practice name, your message and, if applicable, any supporting documents.

What should I include in my message to patients?

You could include information about:

  • Changes in hours
  • Closures
  • How to contact your office (if different from your normal contact methods)
  • Social distancing measures you may be putting in place (staggered appointments, etc)
  • Links to any online shops, including delivery and pick-up options
  • Virtual services, such as telemedicine
  • Links/information about where to find the most up-to-date information about your practice (your blog, Facebook posts, phone greeting, etc)

These are, of course, only suggestions. We can include anything that you feel is important in your messaging.

How long does it take to update my site?

The average response time is 1 business day with our current volume.

Sending us your exact messaging in your initial request helps us complete these requests at a significantly faster rate.

Can I update the banner myself?

No. Sending us your updates will be the most expeditious way to complete this work. This also helps reduce the situations where customers unintentionally break their website, which causes more support issues.

How do I remove COVID-19 changes?

We will not remove or update announcements without your pointed direction. An email to letting us know the change in messaging is best.

What else can I be doing?

We've found the following tips are proving useful for many practices:

  • Use the built-in email and text messaging options from your patient messaging systems to send important updates to your patients.
  • If you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, consider using it to give updates to the patients that follow you.
  • Answer your phone, and keep the voicemail message updated with your latest status. We're finding that many patients will call a practice, regardless of what is on their website.

Avelient is here to help you.

You can rest assured that as a work-remote company, the Avelient team is home safe, healthy, and secure. Our focus has been on helping our customers during this tough time.