Online Shopping & Contact Lens Ordering for FlexSite

Setting up an online store to sell products or allow patients to re-order contacts is a great way to generate revenue.

Contact Lens Ordering

If you'd like your patients to be able to order contacts from your practice via your website, then use the following information to get started.

What vendors offer this service?

These are the most common vendors we’ve seen that offer this service to practices in the FlexSite program:

Can we use other vendors?

We do not restrict the contact lens ordering system that practices want to use.

How do I get this added to my site?

Once you have completed the setup process with your vendor, they will provide you with a link that can be added to your website.

Please send an email to and ask us to add the information to your site.

To speed up the process, be sure to include the following information:

  • Give us a link to your website (or websites)
  • Include the Shop link that your vendor provided to you.

What will it look like?

We will add a “Shop” link to the top of your website and as one of the quick links on your home page (see Eyeclectic, for example).

Online Glasses & Frames Stores

There are very limited options available for practices to sell lenses online, however, please contact us if you have a solution you'd like to display. We are in the final stages of releasing an update to FlexSite that will give these kinds of stores more visibility on your website.

Other eCommerce Options

For those that are looking to set up a custom online store to sell products other than contact lenses, we would recommend Shopify.

Shopify offers an Amazon-like experience for customers, it is affordable and easy to manage.

Vision Source Eyecare in Missouri was able to setup a store that allows them to sell vitamins, solutions and other eyecare products.

Related Advice:

  • Don’t worry about setting up a store that matches your ideal aesthetic or website. Just get started with one of their templates.
  • Check your state and local laws to make sure there are no restrictions for selling your products online.
  • Focus on selling products that will be needed by your patients during these times. Make it easy for them to buy the essentials and then expand over time.

Avelient is here to help you.

You can rest assured that as a work-remote company, the Avelient team is home safe, healthy, and secure. Our focus has been on helping our customers during this tough time.