Digital Marketing Strategies for COVID-19: A Refresher

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in much of the country and holidays in full bore, we thought we'd remind our customers about the steps you should take to keep your website up to date as a tool for your patients during these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 is on the rise in most of the country. How can your website help you address changes to your business?

Make sure your important services stay visible to customers

In our post from April 19th, we take a deep dive into the kinds of services you want to make sure stay visible to your customers during waves of infections. Emergency eyecare and telemedicine capacity, temporary hour changes, and any online services you offer is key information you should consider in any communications to your patients.

As of July, Google My Business seems to be operating as it was before the pandemic, with listings verified and updated at a normal pace. In fact, several new services have been added in order to cope with business’ changing hours and services. This article from August provides guidelines you can follow for your business, and of course if you’re an Avelient marketing customer, we will make sure to communicate with you if we feel any of these strategies can be applied to your business.

What if I have a FlexSite? What if I have another Avelient service?

A significant proportion of our customers currently use FlexSite, and fortunately we have several processes in place to manage changes to your pages as your business operations change. We published this guidance during the first wave of the pandemic for making your patients aware of changes to your practice through your website.

Even if you aren’t a FlexSite customer, many of the recommendations in this article apply. As has always been the case, simply sending an email to will get prompt attention from our support team; a fast response time during the pandemic is something on which we put a high priority, and we are still averaging approximately 4.5 business hours from request to completion.

We also can provide guidance on the following:

Keep an eye on your email and our blog for more information that we’ll provide as the situation changes.

Avelient can help

As with the first and second waves, Avelient is here to make sure your digital presence is informative and complete for your patients or customers. With all of the things that you’re worrying about during this unprecedented time, we want to make sure you have clear and easy instructions for handling your messaging on your website with us.

We hope you stay safe and we will continue to provide insight into what we’re seeing on the front lines in this ever-changing situation.

Written by Mariano DiFabio on December 22nd, 2020 in Marketing

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